The Spirit of Reformation and Revival – II Kings 22:8-13, 19-end, 23:1-4

We see here the people of Israel had fallen away from the faith, but they were restored by the discovery of the word of God.  Reading the word, humbling themselves, and submitting to the word brought revival of the people of God.

  • We can’t manufacture it alone.  We need the Holy Ghost to come upon us.

We must begin where Josiah did:  the reading of the word. (more…)

How deep does it go?

That’s a question many people ask.  What must we do to fix the problem?  Some die-hard, evangelical Republicans say start by voting for Mitt.  Some work for doing whatever is necessary to go back to the “good old days” of 1950’s (we forget the Korean war conflict and that the highest tax bracket was 91%).   Some want to go back even earlier.  But you can’t go back.  The remnants of Christian culture we inherited are quickly dissipating.  It would be like trying to rebuild ancient Rome with what little rubble we have left from that period; it can’t be done.  Our problems go deeper than the symptoms (homosexual “marriage,” abortion, obscenity, etc.).  We are a fallen people.

Which brings us back to the question, what is to be done? Since the problem can’t be fixed naturally, the only answer is supernatural.  This is where are recent blog post from Doug Wilson comes in.  In it he spoke about how deep in the soup we are.

“We live in a time when the charismatics need the Spirit, the Reformed need a reformation, and the evangelicals need to be born again. We do not need particular doctrines about the Spirit in the abstract. If we are given the Spirit of reformation, we will get the doctrines we need. We will of course need doctrine that arises from the Scriptures in order to help us understand what the Spirit just did for us. But if the Spirit didn’t actually do anything, then our systematic theologies are nothing but printed kits for organizing smoke. If the Spirit didn’t do anything, then any religious frenzies, conducted under an unauthorized use of His auspices, have all the religious authority of a priest of Baal cutting himself with a knife at a Stones concert.”

Apart from God, it’s going to get really ugly, really fast.  We’re almost to the point that we can’t rely on anyone else but God to save us; what a place in which to be.

“In short, we need the Spirit to be poured out upon us. And when God is pleased to make this hap (more…)