The problem of evil and the hope of God

This is a sermon I gave a couple of years ago.  With the bombings in Boston, it was a reminder that we will never escape the problem of evil and that we need to face it honestly and accurately.

  • This is a time when Christians are posed with the question: why?  Why would God allow such a thing?  Or, “How could a God of love cause this?”
  • That question has been posed to me this week more than once.  Maybe it has been posed to you.
  • If someone asked, how would you respond?  It is important for a Christian to have an answer for such a time as this.
  • But many of us are struggling with the same questions.  Why would God allow such things?
  • You can’t look at the damage, the grief, and the pain of people and not be moved.  It’s not just others, we want to know.
  • What’s God up to?  He could have stopped it.  If you believe along the lines of the historic Baptists, you’d even say that God is the first cause of these things.  So what’s the answer?  It lies in the beginning.

I want to offer three conclusions about the problem of evil and three reasons why God allows it. (more…)