God-honoring hymns and eternal predestination

I recently read two articles on the need for stronger church music.  This has been an issue close to my heart for some time, having tired of  squishy gospel songs from the twentieth century (and earlier).  The first is from Peter Leithart writing for First Things online.  His article is entitled “Songs of the Church Militant.”  The other article is from an Asian Anglican, Lue-Yee Tsang.  It is about how worship must accord itself to the Word of God and not to artistic license.  It may sound sound odd coming from an Anglican who doesn’t follow the regulative principle, but when he’s saying stuff like this, I’ll read it no matter who he is.

On a separate note (no pun intended), there are questions in Calvinistic circles about the extent of God’s predestination and how it relates to each of us.  More to the point, how is God sovereign and not the sinful in condemning some to hell?  It was encouraging to me that John Calvin faced that same question many years ago.  Paul Helm discusses how Calvin dealt with the issue here.  It’s pretty good reading.