Why vote?

I’ve struggled recently with how I would vote in the presidential election.  It’s not a choice between the main two candidates.  I wouldn’t vote for President Obama if you paid me (and that’s a real possibility in some states).  Romney isn’t that great either.  He doesn’t carry much water for real conservatives, despite a promising VP candidate.  What’s a Christian to do?

Enter Peter Leithart.  In a short three paragraphs, he puts a slant on voting that I’ve not thought of.

“It is preferable, however, for political activists to demystify and de-moralize voting so that we can recognize that we campaign and cast votes for the sake of access as much as for the sake of principle.  Not that we should campaign or vote for candidates that will pursue policies that we abhor.  But if a vote is a bid for access, it’s easier to accept the (inevitable) fact that we vote for the least bad candidate.”

This puts into words why I will most likely vote for Mitt Romney.  I don’t have faith in him, but I do believe he will provide Evangelical Christians access to him that we’ve not had with the current administration.  Again this is not to put faith in a man; our faith can only be in God.  But it helps me look at the political process in a better way.