The battle of generations

If one pays attention to sociology and demographics studies, you’ve probably heard how Islam is moving way ahead in number of births in the world.  “Not so fast says,” David Goldman in his book, Why Civilizations Die.  Mike Bull has posted some interesting commentary  on the book here and here, which is helpful since Mike gives a Christian perspective as contrasted with Goldman’s Jewish perspective.  I hope to read the book myself sometime, but in the meantime it is an encouraging report contrary to the gloom and doomers who predict that within 50 years every third person you meet will be a Muslim.  Here are a few quotes from Goldman.

“Fertility is falling at even faster rates—indeed, at rates never before registered anywhere—in the Muslim world.”

“Although the Muslim birthrate today is the world’s second highest (after sub-Saharan Africa), it is falling faster than the birthrate of any other culture…”

Just another display that Jesus is Lord over fathers, mothers, families, and populations.

Hearing the Word 1

Throughout the study of how we grow closer to God, I’ve purposely left out one particular area until now:  hearing God speak.  If you’re charismatic you might think I’m referring to being quiet enough to hear the inner voice of the Holy Spirit, which is subject is something I hope to discuss at a later time.  The hearing of God’s voice that I’m referring to is truly a special revelation—the revelation of His Word to us.  This may sound disappointing because we might think it would be great if we could be spiritual enough to hear the Spirit of God speak on a regular basis, but He never promised that.  Rather He promised to convict us, comfort us, and lead us in all truth.  The primary way He does that is through His word.

This important method of growing closer to God is through (more…)

Same Difference

Some might be interested in a guest post I wrote for my friend Mike Bull on his blog.  It is a summary of a history lecture I presented last year on the similarities between Baptists and Presbyterians.  While you’re over there, check out some of the great information he has on his blog.  It will keep you busy for a while.