In the lead for my vote

One of the foreign policy problems closest to my heart is the plight of Christians in foreign countries, especially the countries we’ve recently been at war with.  By now it’s no secret that our military escapades have paved the way for radical Islam to take over countries like Egypt, Libya, Iraq, and pretty soon, Afghanistan (we’re in talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan right now because we want out). The problem has been that no one will talk about it.  The Republicans and Democrats are in very close proximity on this front; they all want more war and more military. We are threatening to go to help the revolution in Syria, which means that soon their president, as bad as he is, would be overthrown and another Christian-hating government would take his place. It is frustrating that no one in power has been willing (Democrat or Republican) to speak about this problem.

Then along comes Rand Paul.  Senator Paul appears to be one of the smarter senators to come along in my generation.  I appreciate my own Senator, Jeff Sessions, for his stand against immigration “reform,” but Senator Paul recently made a speech citing the plight of Christians in countries where we’ve engaged militarily. Then he called for and end to U.S. aid for countries that target the Christians of their countries. He makes it personal, telling the crowd that it’s their tax-dollars that go towards persecuting Christians. I know Paul is preparing for a likely White-House run in 2016, and I certain don’t want him to peak too early, but I like these words more than any words  I’ve heard from a politician in a long time.