The Story of the Gospel

Thousands of years ago, God created a man named Adam and made him king over the earth.  He told Adam to rule the land through serving it, with the help of Adam’s wife, Eve.  They were made to be God’s image in the earth.  But there was a deceptive dragon who wanted to rule the kingdom.  He came to Adam and Eve and lured them to do what God said not to.  Instead of fighting the dragon, Adam surrendered and gave the kingdom to the dragon.  In doing so, Adam sold himself and all his offspring (mankind) to the dragon and his followers.

Adam and Eve were not left without hope.  God promised to send another king, one who would defeat the dragon, free his people, and restore the kingdom Adam gave up.  Prophets, kings, and wise men spoke of his coming.  They told what his reign would look like, (more…)

Wine and the Gospel

John 2:1-11

Of all the miracles Jesus could perform, He began His ministry with this one.  Not healing the sick, casting out demons, or feeding a starving crowd, but changing dirty water into wine at a party.  There was no need here except to protect the groom from great embarrassment.  You could argue that this was the least necessary of all the miracles He performed, but no matter what we think, it can’t be argued that the first thing Jesus did. 

First let’s look at the setting: a wedding. 

  • This was not like our modern weddings; these were great (more…)

Three Witnesses of Christ

I John 5:6-10

How do you know that you are in Christ?  As John wrote to these believers, they had been tested by false teachers and were confused as to what it means to be a Christian. 

  • God has provided three witnesses on our behalf, all of which are visible. 
  • The Christian life is not lived between our ears.  It is lived (more…)