Covenant theology and politics: a match made in heaven

Politics Reformed: The Anglo-American Legacy of Covenant TheologyPolitics Reformed: The Anglo-American Legacy of Covenant Theology by Glenn A. Moots

I really enjoyed this book. It explained many things that had heretofore been missing in my understanding of American history. The author brings a vast amount of research into the story.

In the beginning, he explains the meaning of political theology. This is contrasted with other methods of understanding politics. Then he explains the meaning of covenant theology (and does a pretty good job for a non-theologian) as well as the Protestant Reformers who contributed to it, primarily John Calvin and Henry Bullinger. The meat of the book is his description of how this theology was applied to English politics during the English Civil War and later American politics in colonial times. He concludes with a discussion of modern covenant theology as well as how we can apply this version of political theology in modern times.

It is not as large as you might think for a book that gives so much information. But this is not what you might call casual summer reading. The prose is easy but new ideas and end-notes come by the bucket on some pages. Nevertheless for those who want to know about how covenant theology in particular shaped our country, this is the book for you.

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