Understanding America

The Patriot's Handbook: A Citizenship Primer for a New Generation of AmericansThe Patriot’s Handbook: A Citizenship Primer for a New Generation of Americans by George Grant

It’s hard to be excessively great or terrible when compiling essays on American history. Primary source essays and speeches are useful for many purposes, research being just one. But they can go further than that. If compiled properly, primary sources can paint a picture of history. There are many books that appear as a grab-bag of essays and speeches with no apparent rhyme or reason.

This book, edited by George Grant, is no such grab-bag. It combines poems, essays, speeches, and quotes from Americans throughout our history. (more…)

Only dead things drift

“If a republic is to live up to its ideas and  be what it could be, then it had better look long and hard at what it is in danger of becoming and devote conscious effort to controlling its own destiny, rather than continuing to drift along on the tides of economic materialism.”  – Donald Davidson, quoted in George Grant’s Buchanan: Caught in the Crossfire.

Why we still need the electoral college

During this election season, there is quite a bit of conversation about the pointlessness of the electoral college.  As a teacher of high school students I’ve heard it every year of my career.  “My vote won’t count.”  “We need to choose the President based on the popular vote.”  And my favorite, “The electoral college hurts minorities.”

Dr. George Grant has provided a fantastic explanation of why our founders wanted to elect the President this particular way and why we need it still today.  This issue is too important to give up to popular democracy.  If you don’t like the electoral college, read this article and see if it doesn’t change your thinking.  If you support it, memorize the arguments and be ready to explain those who don’t believe in it.