Learning submission where we are

“Before we can even think about ruling a nation we must learn how to exist under the present order and still accomplish the bulk of our goals. Like the Israelites under the Babylonians and Assyrians, we must learn how evil the gods of our conquerors are — and how evil their law-orders are — before we can call upon the name of the Lord and expect deliverance. Like the church under the Roman Empire, we must be subordinate before we can lead. We are in a wilderness; we need to bring ourselves under the dominion of the law of God in our local relationships before we can expect to be put in seats of power nationally.” – Gary North, Tactics of Christian Resistance

What changes the world?

“It is not tanks that bring down governments; it is pamphlets, Bibles, photocopy machines, mimeograph machines, carbon paper, typewriters, samizdat (underground) literature, secret prayer groups…” – Gary North, Tactics of Christian Resistance

Radicals I can deal with

Gary North recently had a great review of an article in National Review called “The Last Radicals.”  Both articles make fascinating reading about the group one author thinks is the most radical in America:  homeschoolers.

The thesis of Williamson’s article is that homeschoolers are more radical than the Occupy movement, the Tea Party, and any other group you can find.  The reason is that they pose more of a threat to the status quo than any one else.  Homeschoolers don’t accept the state-as-deliverer creed taught in government schools.  In addition homeschooling is an insult to secularists because it is largely a Christian movement.  Add to it that those Christian families are largely anti-feminist and it becomes more than our “free-speech” idolaters lovers can stand.

North’s article is more of a history of the homeschooling movement.  Dr. North had a front seat since his father-in-law, R. J. Rushdoony, was a leader in the early homeschooling movement.  Dr. North also homeschooled his kids in the days when it was odd even among even Christians.

Whether or not one likes homeschooling, it is a growing movement in the U.S. that will not go away.  These articles explain why.