To be Godly and Feminine

Recently I’ve come across a great lecture on the poet Anne Bradstreet.  I heard Dr. George Ella speak about her last year, and this lecture (by Douglas Wilson) inspired me to go back and read her again.  Mrs. Bradstreet writes a lovely prescription for those who can’t tellt the difference between secular feminism and godly femininity. Contrary to the emaciated view of femininity espoused by some fundamentlists today, she knew how to think for herself while remaining submitted to her God and her husband.  For the guys who don’t read poetry, especially puritan poetry, she also wrote about political events and history (as did Jane Austen).  There is no reason for a Christian to neglect this first truly American poet. 

You will find the link to the audio lecture here (just scroll down).  If you are ready to go ahead and read some of her work, start here.