Reading the Bible again

James Jordan recently spoke to a church in the U.K. where he gave a series of talks titled, “How to Read the Bible the First Time…Again.”  The pastor, Steve Jeffrey, has made those talks available for free.  They will challenge anyone who loves the Word in a positive way.  If you’re up for the challenge, check them out here.

The missing page

I finally did it.  After thoughtful study and consideration, I had no other choice than to rip one page out of my Bible.  It wasn’t an easy thing to do but I’ve come to the conviction that this page isn’t inspired and doesn’t deserve to be in God’s Word.  Call me liberal if you wish, but there’s one page that I believe every Christian should at least never read and at best tear out.  What page is it do you ask?  Is it a page of Isaiah, Esther, James (justification by works, you know), or Revelation?  The answer is none the above.  The page I tore out was…the one separating the Old and New Testament.

That page wasn’t inspired and has no value to Christians reading the Word of God today.  It may seem trite to remove it but that page (and what it symbolizes) has done great damage to the bride of Christ as she interprets His revelation.  To most people it represents an invisible wall that divides the portion which applies to us (N.T.) from the one that doesn’t (O.T.).  Many would say that they apply the Old Testament where possible and that’s good, but too often Christians, as a result of a dispensational view of Scripture, view God as being schizophrenic in the way He revealed Himself, i.e. “In the O.T. He ruled by law and in the N.T. He rules by grace.”  But that’s not true.  God is the same and He doesn’t change.  The Church existed in the O.T. (Acts 7:38) just like it did in the N.T. and continues today.

In the N.T. God revealed Himself through His Son Jesus and we rejoice in the work He has accomplished for us.  But our fathers in the faith (Abraham, Moses, David, etc.) were saved by the same blood and same righteousness of Christ as we are.  God inspired men to record His words for us in the time of the Old Covenant just as He inspired them to record them in the New.  Because of that we should forget the man-made division of God’s revelation and rejoice in the fact that God doesn’t change and the same grace that saved Noah saves you and I.