The Spirit of Reformation and Revival – II Kings 22:8-13, 19-end, 23:1-4

We see here the people of Israel had fallen away from the faith, but they were restored by the discovery of the word of God.  Reading the word, humbling themselves, and submitting to the word brought revival of the people of God.

  • We can’t manufacture it alone.  We need the Holy Ghost to come upon us.

We must begin where Josiah did:  the reading of the word.

  • I already spoke about this to some extent but I can’t overemphasize that we must be people of the book.  It should shape us and it will if we live lives immersed in Scripture.
  • God has told us how He moves and speaks:  through His word.  It’s not just hearing it but submitting to it (22:19).

Next revival comes by tearing down idols – 23:4-6

  • This is where things become tricky.  Because we’re not pagans who worship little statues we think we’re okay.  But we’re not okay.  It’s harder for us to see because we’re secularists.  That is to say our gods are ideas that we submit to because everyone else believes them.  And many of these ideas conflict with the knowledge of God.
  • We shouldn’t make allegiance with these idols or attempt a half-way course where were will not alienate people.  Again we must be careful that we tear down actual idols and not anything we don’t like (anything people disagree with me about).
  • Be ever vigilant about these things.

Don’t give comfort to sin – 23:7

  • The sodomites mentioned here set up houses of prostitution next to God’s House.  And the people of God allowed it to happen.  They allowed women to make items for the worship of idols.  This should not be.
  • We should not hate sinners who are fighting against sin, even in they are not victorious at the time.  But the greater sin is not proclaiming the truth of how Jesus has saved his people from sin.
  • Don’t make it comfortable for people to walk in sin around you.  This speaks to one of our other requests.  We should seek to grow in love for those different from us but all the while keeping righteous standards and seeking unity around God’s word.

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