Get out of your bubble

I was raised hearing how liberal the national media is.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen it for myself.  No person I know would cover for a sitting president, or gloss over a vice president making startling allusions to slavery.  But I also know that the conservative media has its own bias.  This is given more attention in a Jonathan Martin article, The GOP’s Media Cocoon

Despite knowing that Fox News has it’s own slant, I must confess that until election night, I though the race would at least be tight.  The reason:  I only looked at polls from conservative outlets (Drudge, Fox, etc.).  It’s not that I believe everything I read on those sites, but I do trust them more than I trust others (MSNBC and CNN).  Therefore that’s where I’ve been getting my news.  If conservatives want to know the full story, they should probably read further than the Drudge Report.

And while referring to that subject, I want to express some irritation toward Fox News.  As I was watching election results online I scrolled down too far and saw the “advertisements” of other stories, some of which featured pictures of buxom women.  This has nothing to do with news but everything to do with getting males to return to the site.  I’m not swearing off Fox News, but it is important to realize that they are no better than any other secular source.  They certainly don’t mind using the same tactics.

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