Overview of Ecclesiastes

Chapter 1.  Life is a fog; we see what’s going on, it’s monotonous and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Chapter 2.  You can have all the riches of life and you will be forgotten just as easily as anyone else.  Pleasure doesn’t bring joy.

  • The point of these chapters is to get the reader to see the futility life apart from submission to God.

Chapter 3.  God is sovereign over the events in our lives and He works them out to His glory in His time.

  • Therefore we can rejoice in the pleasures of life, because they are God’s gifts to us.

Chapter 4.  God is sovereign despite the fact that we see problems in the world.

Chapter 5.  Submission to God will be displayed in reverent worship, careful words, and robust enjoyment of God’s gifts to us.

Chapter 6.  Wealth is not always a blessing.  It is useless unless God gives you the ability to enjoy it.  God sometimes uses riches to bury the wicked.

Chapter 7.  Trials are not always a curse, therefore the principle part of wisdom is to submit to God.

  • Wisdom means submitting to what God has said about human nature, i.e. the fallen nature of man.

Chapter 8.  Exercise godly wisdom before civil authorities.

  • You can’t understand why thing happen the way they do, but remember it  is God who is doing them.

Chapter 9.  God defines wisdom and what it means to live a good life.

Chapter 10.  God has ordained hierarchy in the world; therefore we should gladly accept our calling and position and pursue them to the glory of God.

Chapter 11.  Give abundantly and enjoy the riches God has given you.

Chapter 12.  Submit to God while you are young and use words wisely.

Conclusion of the book (12:13-14):  Fear God and obey Him because He will judge all works.

A final summary of Ecclesiastes:  even though life is hard to understand from our perspective, there is joy to those who submit themselves to God and walk in His wisdom.

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