Christianity as a football game

Doug Wilson had a great post recently explaining how Christianity at large approaches the battle with the enemy.   The last paragraph is the best:

“We are two minutes into the second quarter, and half of our coaches (trained in Dallas, but not by the Cowboys) want all our plays to be “taking a knee.” “But the wide receivers . . .” I say, and then trail off. We go into the huddle and I suggest that we air one out. Send the receivers downtown. Our opponents will totally not be expecting that, since we have taken a knee for the last eighteen plays. One of the other players looks across the huddle at me, and says that we really need to guard against a spirit of triumphalism. And I say to myself, but only to myself, “I can’t believe Isaiah said we were going to win this game. I can’t wait . . . the fourth quarter is really going to be something . . .” “

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