It can’t be that simple

I came across this posting by Doug Wilson recently and found it interesting, especially since I’d just told a student the exact same thing not a few hours earlier.  He discussed how many Calvinists have to do exegetical gymnastics to make the universal passages of Scripture (I John 2:2, John 3:16) fit with their theology.  How can we be Calvinists and not have to play footsey with God’s Word?  Wilson does a good job of saying this. 

“Not surprisingly, postmillennialism is the answer. Not only does postmillennialism ride to the rescue of the world, it also rides to the rescue of a decrepit, rationalistic Calvinism. Calvinists don’t like to be told that when they are hobbling through the universal texts that they look just like the Arminians hobbling through the sovereignty texts. But they do.  So try this out. The world will be saved. The nations will come to Christ. The families of the earth will turn to the Lord. The earth will be as full of the knowledge of God as the Pacific is wet. Why will all this happen? Because Jesus died so that it would. Jesus died to secure the certainty of it.”

It seems so simple, it’s hard to understand why people would reject it.

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