Imprecatory Prayer – 5

What does it do?  It calls God to act on our behalf – Rev. 8:1-5. 

  • The prayers of the saints were offered to God, and He in turn poured out fire upon them. 
  • When did fire come upon God’s people?  At Pentecost. 
  • I believe here we have a heavenly picture of what happened in Acts 1-2. (Again I am thankful to James Jordan for his insight on this passage in Revelation). 
  • God has assembled a holy congregation to go about Holy War against His enemies.  He poured fire upon them and they in turn breathed fire upon their enemies. 
  • Did the Christians kill their enemies?  Of course not; but the gospel they spoke and the prayers they prayed brought judgment upon their enemies (some were judged unto life, others unto death). 
  • We engage in that Holy War by our prayers, proclaiming the gospel, and singing the Psalms. 
  • You, the congregation of God, go about tearing down principalities and powers when you call upon God to accomplish these things according to His word. 

When should we do it? 

When we come together for worship. 

  • This is where it starts.  The is the primary post of our spiritual warfare. 
  • We are before God’s throne asking that His name be exalted, His kingdom would be established, and that He would deliver us from our enemies (Matt. 6:9-10). 
  • This is the place where two or three gather together in His name.

When we pray with our families. 

  • The Lord’s Day is not the only time we pray these things.  This should be a practice in our homes. 
  • If you don’t teach your to pray this way, they will not learn it. 
  • To ignore these Psalms in your personal and family prayer times is to portray God as the one who gets us out of trouble. 
  • But He doesn’t just provide cover so we can flee.  He is the Lord of Hosts (armies), the Lord mighty in battle. 
  • Our families need to see us calling upon the God of heaven and earth to strike down the forces that come against His people.

When we are in the midst of a battle. 

  • These times are the ones in which it is most difficult to remember to call upon God, especially as our warrior. 
  • But look at the times when David called upon Him in this way – it was when he was facing trouble. 
  • We too should call upon Him to aid, strengthen, and guard us. 
  • “Deliverance” today has come to mean escape, but that’s not what it meant in the Bible. 
  • God’s saints used the term when asking God to grant victory in a battle that they could not achieve on their own.

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