Taste it again for the first time

I was listening to Chesterton’s What’s Wrong with the World recently and thoroughly enjoyed his chapter titled, “The Wildness of Domesticity.”  In this chapter, he points out that the only true adventure in life is not lived outside the home, but rather within it.

“It is surely quite clear that this modern notion that woman is a mere “pretty clinging parasite,” “a plaything,” etc., arose through the somber contemplation of some rich banking family, in which the banker, at least, went to the city and pretended to do something, while the banker’s wife went to the Park and did not pretend to do anything at all.”

 “But of all the modern notions generated by mere wealth the worst is this: the notion that domesticity is dull and tame…For the truth is, that to the moderately poor the home is the only place of liberty.”

 He goes on to explain how the home is the true place of liberty, whereas all other places require greater conformity to limits.  One of the great things about Chesterton is that he gives you a more grand view of what you have been looking at all your life.  For those who view marriage and family life as dull, or those who want to take greater pleasure in your family, read this chapter.  It is a wonderful short essay on the delight of “normal” home life.

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